Angry Cow Jerky

Bold. Unforgettable. Wildly delicious. Welcome to Angry Cow Jerky - the ultimate destination for premium beef jerky. Our philosophy is simple: to provide you with the most extraordinary, flavour-packed jerky experience that will leave your tastebuds craving for more.Discover the true essence of the Balkans in every bite, sourced from the purest breed of cattle raised on the lush pastures of our pristine lands. Our jerky is prepared following a centuries-old traditional recipe, refined for the modern palate.

Why Angry Cow Jerky?1. Authentic Balkan Quality: We ensure every piece of jerky comes from the highest quality Albanian beef. Hand-cut and slowly cooked to perfection, our jerky exudes a robust and hearty flavour that will fuel your passion for great food.2. Healthful and Wholesome: Angry Cow Jerky is more than just a tasty snack. It's a high-protein, low-fat choice packed with essential nutrients, perfect for your active lifestyle.3. Ethically Sourced: Our jerky is sourced from free-range cattle that graze on the natural grasslands of Balkan. We take pride in our commitment to animal welfare and sustainable farming practices.4. Spiced to Perfection: From fiery to sweet, our jerky comes in a variety of exciting flavours to satisfy every palate. Handcrafted and marinated with a secret blend of spices, each bite will ignite a unique taste adventure.

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You've started your adventure into the wild with Angry Cow Jerky. Get a taste of the untamed and experience a jerky that's fiercely flavourful and unapologetically bold.